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"At the Turn" (fiction)

My short story "At the Turn" was published in Issue 5 of Palooka Magazine.
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Review: 'The Children Act' by Ian McEwan

Ian McEwan has always had a legal mind. "Atonement," the novel he is probably best known for, turned on a false accusation, and the ramifications of an unjust conviction based on a relatively thin amount of evidence. "The Children Act," his new book, centers on the other side of the courtroom: the personal ramifications of a judge deciding a difficult case with conflicting evidence.
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Review of "Dead Stars" by Álvaro Bisama

Imagine if W.G. Sebald numbered his paragraphs. Imagine if he shucked many of those long, discursive takes on architecture and history. And imagine he abandoned his peripatetic plots and instead wrote about doomed and melancholy lovers. Perhaps this gives something of the aesthetic flavor of Álvaro Bisama’s novel Dead Stars, published in Spanish in 2010, but only now appearing in an English translation by Megan McDowell, the first from digital publishing house Ox and Pigeon.
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Getting Things Done: Is it Right for the Young Lawyer? | Young Lawyers Division

How to be productive-it is one of the challenges young lawyers face. It's not found in any law school curriculum, but it can be just as important as legal knowledge. Young associates are often faced with a bevy of tasks and no clear way to manage them.
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Haunting Us Still: W.G. Sebald’s A Place in the Country

We tend to associate W.G. Sebald and his characters strongly with melancholy and sadness. “[T]he figures who populate Sebald’s world are lost souls,” Ruth Franklin has noted, “breaking beneath the burden of their own anguish.”. Susan Sontag said that Sebald’s voice has a “passionate bleakness.”. Sebald’s books…have a posthumous quality to them,” Geoff Dyer stated.
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The Darkness is Deep Indeed: On Javier Marías’s The Infatuations

Maria Dolz sees the same couple at the same café in the same city, Madrid, nearly every morning. “[T]he sight of them together” calmed her, and provided her “with a vision of an orderly or, if you prefer, harmonious world.”. Maria works for a book publisher, where she often must deal with vain and pretentious authors — including one who is so infatuated with the Nobel Prize that he has already prepared an acceptance speech in Swedish.
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Book review: 'My Beloved World' by Sonia Sotomayor : Ground Zero

This is a cautious autobiography from Sonia Sotomayor, which still manages to be compelling.
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Book review: Ru, by Kim Thuy

Nguyễn An Tinh was born into a wealthy Saigon family during the Tet Offensive, “when the long chains of firecrackers draped in front of houses exploded polyphonically along with the sound of machine guns.”. She has a beautiful mansion, servants, and is mostly sheltered from the war that has enveloped Vietnam.
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Book revew: Lincoln landmarks part of powerful 'Haven's Wake' : Ground Zero

“Haven’s Wake” is the second novel from Ladette Randolph, a fifth-generation Nebraskan who currently edits the literary journal Ploughshares.
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Amy Signs

Mother and daughter from Nebraska co-author book about growing up deaf.
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Book review: 'The Oath' looks at where Supreme Court is headed : Ground Zero

Toobin argues that the agent of "change" is actually Justice Roberts, not President Obama, since many of the Roberts Court's opinions veered away from the direction of the judiciary since.
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Book review: The Neruda Case, by Roberto Ampuero

Book review of "The Neruda Case" by Roberto Ampuero.
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